Websites and SEO can be a nightmare for most newbies. Maybe you know that your SEO needs a serious update or maybe you’ve never done much with it at all

According to, in the U.S. alone, an average of 12 billion web searches are conducted each month. SEO helps you drive quality traffic, get visibility and boost your small business’ or brands website.

Here are 5 easy steps that could help your business improve its SEO…

Content is all-powerful

Search engines LOVE content, and if done consistently, publishing keyword rich content can capture a hell of a lot of traffic online! Blogs are popular due to the nature of them being regularly refreshed. It is important to remember that content is quality and not quantity. Although it is important to make sure you have consistent content, it is also vital that you do not bombard customers…remember, traffic is no good if visitors don’t like what they see.

Research your keywords

What are keywords we hear you ask? Well without proper keyword research, any SEO campaign is set for failure. Keywords need to be as specific to your company as possible. Take a moment to think about how you search for things online, what would you search in Google to find a company like yours? What services or products do you offer.

Optimize your social profiles

It is essential that Google+ is not the only social media platform you should be taking advantage of. Yikes! (Hope not!) Every social media platform you have for your business should be as consistent as your website and include all the information you have on your website (within reason of course). For e.g: your business name, location, opening times and URL. Optimized for interaction.

If Facebook is one of your chosen social media channels it is crucial that your business is visible as a Facebook Place. Make the most of all those likes, comments and check-ins by claiming your businesses location. Personally, I’m a visual person and love Instagram, where I have 10k followers and am now exploring Pinterest for my SEO as the other go-to platform for my brand.

Add your business on Google Local

Why wouldn’t you add your business to Google Local? When you search for your business on Google, is the right address and website listed? The best bit? It’s completely free…

Use your web analytics

Track your progress with a web analytics programme such as Google Analytics. Google is a popular option as it is easy to navigate, and again it’s free! There are many pros to utilising web analytics and they can tell you a great deal about how much traffic your content is generating.

Now go out there and use these SEO-BOOSTING tips for instant results.

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April 24, 2017

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