📲 3 Simple Steps to use Instagram to amplify Biz Reach

As I grow my Instagram account organically, I find that there are many fake profiles and people are wary of communicating with bots! Here’s a quick list of a few quick recommendations for Instagram amplification for business.

1. Get Active

Instagram delivers 58 times more engagement per follower than Facebook, and 120 times more engagement per follower than Twitter.Create a schedule that easily integrates into your current social media strategy.

Set a time each day to post your content and then additional times to come back and engage with your community.

2. Share Instagram good vibes

Here’s how you can do this:

Add social icons to your website and blog and create a call to action to follow and connect with you on Instagram.
Post your Instagram photo to Facebook. This creates a link back to your Instagram account, so anyone can click through.
Post your latest image to Google Plus and let your followers know where they can connect with you on Instagram.
Create images for Twitter and schedule multiple tweets sharing the news that you’re now on Instagram.

3. Introduce a refreshing perspective

Stay away from typical shots or standard stock photos. Instead, capture a unique aspect or feature.
Consumers want a sneak peek into your personal world.

Give them insight into the factors that set your business apart. Add some colour.

🎯 What’s worked for you on Instagram?

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April 11, 2017

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