If you are running or planning on starting an online brand, you’ve considered the digital possibilities to drive growth via digital marketing, social media reach, building momentum and increasing Facebook fan page engagement. Well here are 4 simple strategies to help you do just that!

These tips will help you pop up and linger longer in front of your fans smartphones and take them from loyal fan to paying clients.

Strategy #1 – Images – Use them.

Images are a powerful way to quickly earn reaction from your fans. They have the ability to excite, inspire, and delight. Images can generate and illicit a powerful emotional response with a call to action.

Images are more influential then ever and second only to gifs and video. Posts with graphics garner a much greater response than those without. In fact, photos are the best at generating comments, so whether its you humanizing your brand over a breakfast meeting post to give fans a window into your world, use images.

This does not mean you need to include a graphic with every one of your posts, but it does offer important insight into capturing the attention of your fans.

Your images can stand alone with nothing more then one or two words needed sometimes. It’s always a great idea to share components of your creative process or business adventures as insights into your world without always trying to sell something within every post. Hugh Jackman, famous from his portrayal of Wolverine and recently reprising his role in ‘Logan’, employs this tactic with exceptional results on a consistent basis: In this image, he shares a snippet of his work and promotion shots for his latest Hollywood blockbuster. Thank you Hugh!











Another strategy is one that I use quite often when posting a blog or web article. Include your eye-popping image along with the link or URL at the end of your Facebook post. Your image will immediately draw them in and hopefully entice them to click through to your article.

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Employ a clear ‘Call to Action.’

A sturdy call to action includes a simple request leaving no doubt in your fans mind what you would like them to do.  Never leave fan reaction to chance. Give them a compelling reason to take action via consistent, relevant and beneficial content.

A few, easy ways you can illicit a specific reaction is through open-ended questions. For example:

  1. Fill in the blank:
  2. Have you ever _____?
  3. We __________. What do you think?
  4. What is your favorite __________?
  5. What if you could _________?
  6. Complete this sentence:  ________
  7. We looooove _________. What’s your favorite?

Another simple way to direct your fans is by spelling out the specific action you would like them to take. Do not assume that your fans know what you would like them to do. Tell them!

  1. LIKE this post if…
  2. Click LIKE if you agree, if you love, if you could…
  3. SHARE if you love this as much as we do or if you’ve found this valuable
  4. Tag yourself in this photo if you agree…

Employing a Status Update

There is absolutely no denying that a traditional and simple status update still packs a punch whether you are a big brand or startup shop. The status update is an easy way to relate to your fans in a fun and entertaining way without the complication of images, links or video.

One big Hollywood brand that uses this strategy to good effect is Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. Im not a huge fan of his really, but he has built a phenomenal brand  and his fans have come to know and appreciate the witty and entertaining way he endears himself to fans of all ages and walks of life on a daily basis.

Harness the Power of Video

While images are powerful, video can be just as effective. However, people are moving quickly when they are on Facebook so keep your videos short, informative and entertaining.

You want your fans to walk away feeling uplifted, encouraged or as if they have gained wisdom and knowledge from your video. Visual messages are processed 60 000 times faster than text and has been found to increase and impact learning by up to 400%! Those figures say it all, video is the now and video is the future. Video literally is killing the radio star!

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Ready yourself to set yourself apart by offering a giant amount of value and watch your brand grow organically! Love to hear from you and share if you love this post as much as I do and found this valuable! Psyche!



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March 27, 2017

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