Life has just so many unexpected twists and turns doesn’t it? Moments we must choose and other moments that seemingly choose us by default. Linked to what we may perceive our destinies to be. After all, the power of choice gives us mortal power to control our paths, ever closer to our personal successes. Whether making tons of money is your thing or better still, feeling fulfilled by helping others is, they are interconnected as the generation of money fuels our digital world through online business.

Whether it’s out first Instagram post, our first Facebook Live video, with nervy, wide-eyed, overthinking perfectionism, or an online adventure in e-commerce selling a startup brand, we all share our moments within a digital realm on social media. We all share a digital slice of our souls daily and build online connections. Synapses of one positive experience linked to another. The golden, digital age has dawned and you can become a part of its history.

Now is one of those moments to be seized in our digital industry. It’s a time of readiness, scarcity, instability and much more judgement and fear. Many people, brands and businesses are climbing a stairwell to success with not much know-how and learning as they go along. It’s a magical time of opportunity that will leave those of us with the ability to grab on to that moment feeling grateful for the abundance that we see in the years to follow. It’s this moment that we must seize and take with both hands. Digital leaders are being born out of wanting to share portents of their vision, whether it be humble opinion or great vision. Not everybody is a Steve Jobs or Bill Gates,nor would they want to be…Even more-so, not everybody aspires to be a Kanye West or Kim Kardashian. Most want just to share their modest viewpoint and add their own voice to this stage-play we call the social media and digital marketing universe!

When the dust settles on the digital marketing sphere, how will you say you chose to live in this moment? Did you grab on to the opportunity swirling around you and forever change the trajectory of your personal brand or business? Or were you just a number, telling yourself that the time is not right and your gifts, skills, knowledge and dreams will ignite your life next year or the year after that, or when the universe proclaims the ‘right’ time?

Oftentimes, one door leads to another. Simply because it doesn’t feel like the right opportunity at that point, doesn’t make it a wrong decision for you right now. Every door that opens is a possibility towards your end goal. The question to ask, is whether this door will bring you one step closer to your desires.

Be prepared. Be open-minded, willing and ready to seize an opportunity the moment it comes along. Being prepared allows you to make a timely decision and believe in yourself and your message. Having the ability and clarity in purpose to make that decision divides the winners from the losers. Choose your door, walk through it and resolve to make the most of it.

Have the courage to make a change. If you hate your job, change it! You’re not a tree thats stuck in the earth, rooted to misery. Just because you walked through one door of opportunity doesn’t mean you can’t walk through another and another and another and leave your old self behind. After all, opportunity is walking from one door to the next and walking through with a certain leap of faith. Have the courage to change course if where you are in your life is not where you want to be.

You decide your fate. It’s often those moments when we step outside of our comfort zone that lead us to our greatest achievements. Those moments of greatness just might let you to make a change that leaps you over and through the realm of possibility.

Don’t be afraid to shut a door. Not every door that opens is the right one. If it doesn’t feel right and you have discussed the pros and cons with colleagues, mentors, friends and family then shut the door and don’t return to the past.

The right door needs a solid kick sometimes. Every once in a while you will come upon a door that just won’t open. Let me give you a real life example of what one door of opportunity brought to me. A few years back, I had divorced and needed a change in my personal and professional life. I had triggers of memory within social circles and places I lived. I decided to move 1500km from Johannesburg to Cape Town and start my digital marketing and online teaching business. This after being in Training for a few years and having spent the bulk of my working years making someone else, who sat in a lofty place, a lot of money. I learnt that people who succeed will not just walk through an open door, but will break down barriers that stand in their way of opportunity.

Never fear a stubborn door, kicking it in might be the answer to walking into a crowded room full of success. Ever since then. I decided to teach marketing online. I wrote my first book, titled: “The Manifesto of the Spiritual Salesman” and self-published it on Amazon. I now teach thousands of students online about digital and social marketing strategy and growing and monetizing their personal brands and businesses and have never felt so fulfilled. I am in the process of writing my next book and releasing a series of online classes geared towards digital branding and marketing. I’ve also gotten engaged to the love of my life and am expecting a son! Noah sounds like a great, strong name…

The world is full of people desperate to make a change, but so few do. Break out of the mould of the ‘regretters’ and follow through with the vision you have for your life.

Say “Carpe Diem!” out loud and grab your moment of opportunity by committing to making the most of each and every one that life has to offer you. Commit to being the best version you can be and share your message with the world, in whatever shape, size or form it may be-Most of all digitally and online!

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March 24, 2017

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