Ever written the perfect article or next online course description only to find you are stumped when it comes to creating your catchy keyword and SEO-friendly blog or online course title?

You’re definitely not alone out there!

We all have those days when writing a pithy, emotionally responsive blog title feels just outside our reach.

In my online Skillshare course, “How to Humanize all your content for your online business” I teach about 6 tactics in generating eye popping, virality-generating, finger clicking content for our readers and viewers while maintaining a definitive emotional and human aspect which appeals to our souls.

Finding the balance between what people want and what we want to share with them from our uniquely personal perspective is enough to give any content-marketer nightmares.

But what if there were a way to write an epic blog title without overly agonizing over it?

Here’s how to do it!

1st…Create a Swipe File.

On certain dark days when you need a little inspiration for your blog or online class, keeping a swipe file will go a long way towards creating that winning blog post title.

If you’re not familiar with a swipe file, here’s how it works:

As you visit and read through other blogs look for popular posts that generated buzz.  Write down the title in your swipe file to play around with at a later date.

The key is to create a list of blog or online course titles that you can refer back to on those days you suffer from “blog or online course title” writers block.

Then…The titles should have these KEY focus points!

  1. They maintain the KISS (Keep it simple & stupid) method of writing titles.  They get the point across in simple english.
  2. They infuse emotion and cause the reader to relate to the post immediately.
  3. They add the all-important keyword “FREE.”
  4. They are controversial and not afraid to stir the pot and may ask a controversial question.
  5. They ask an open ended question like “Do you want world peace???”
  6. They communicate a cool benefit your reader can’t live without for a call to action.

Finally! Below are 21 Blog and Online Course Titles that will get you maximum engagement.

  1. Why every Lifelong Learner should _________.
  2. 7 Proven Steps to _________.
  3. 10 Closely-Guarded Secrets that will _________.
  4. The Incorrect __________ and all your efforts will be in vain.
  5. ________ Reveals a Shortcut to _________.
  6. A  New-Age Way to conquer _________ Without _________.
  7. All the Tricks to Overcome _________NOW.
  8. How to ________ all the ________ You Ever Wanted
  9. How to ________ your own ________ successfully!
  10. 10 minutes to discover your__________.
  11. If you thought __________ was bad, wait until you see _________.
  12. 5 Totally Surprising Secrets about _________.
  13. 5  Top Reasons Why __________ is more Trusted than _________.
  14. 10 Common _________ Mistakes – and How to Avoid them!
  15. Achieve ________ in 3 Easy Steps.
  16. How to Quit _________ and Start _________.
  17. The Biggest Error you Can Make _________.
  18. The Desperate _________ Strategy.
  19. A Powerful Undisclosed Secret That Will Help You ________.
  20. Cutting-Edge Ways to _________  Instantly!
  21. 10 Most Effective tactics to ___________!

Important factor:  Your keywords (descriptive words about your post content) should be inserted into the titles above wherever appropriate.

If you’re a blogger, content marketer or online teacher and have a few suggestions yourself, I’d love to hear from you and please do share this post with your friends. 

Wishing you success.



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March 17, 2017

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