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Nancy Thomas-Ward

I have learnt much more in Youshaa's Linkedin course in 60 minutes than 6 years of using Linkedin myself!? Many Thanks! Nancy Thomas-Ward

Jonathan Ely – Udemy & Skillshare teacher | Founder of MilLEADial

Youshaa's "Win in Life by Living Your Purpose", class is a revelation!  Thank you for publishing and creating such a powerful class!  The explanations and anecdotes you provided couldn't have been clearer or more helpful in explaining such a potentially complex topic!

Hannah Troudeaux

Youshaa is a wonderful teacher - clear, concise, yet always mindful of maintaining student engagement. This is the 2nd class of his I've taken and I'm looking forward to taking more of his classes. Thank you so very much, Youshaa. Yours in Gratitude.

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